First Sailboat

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First Sailboat

The very first sailboat I had was something I resurrected with my stepfather.  He was a master house painter and one of his clients had a homemade wooden Sailfish type boat (which is pictured) and offered it to him.  He brought it home!  I was 13 or so. and pysched!

This boat needed some work, so we fiber glassed the whole thing and painted it white with green nautical markings.  We found rigging for $100 used.  As soon as I could I went out sailing in it.  It was very heavy, so I kept it on a mooring near shore.  I loved that boat.  It sailed very fast!  It was my best friend for the next few years!

Starting out you may want to consider one of these or a Sunfish which has a small cockpit. You can transport them on your car if you don't have a trailer and they are very easy to rig.

Here is a link to a place that sells Sunfish sailboats.  Do a search for either and you will find used ones for sail.

In the meantime, start learning the parts of a sailboat!

Happy Sails!_/)