How It All Started

 When I first started to learn to sail, I found it to be a combination of study and hands on experience. Studying beforehand gave me the knowledge I needed to get the most out of my hands on lessons. To know the sailing terms, maneuvers and wind theory enabled me to feel more at ease when I took the tiller.

During this process I bought several books on sailing and sailing related topics. Before I knew it I had 30lbs of books! and a $350 hole in my wallet!  Then came the hands on sad sailing away I went!

After a break of several years, being busy with other things like playing music for a living on the road, and going to school for software programming, I decided I wanted to pick up sailing again.  I thought it would be great to review what I had studied years earlier before I climbed aboard again.

But as I went through my big pile of books, looking at still pictures and trying to find the videos I had bought, I started to think how great it would be to combine all these things onto one small CDROM!  What a money saver that would be for someone! So I went to work and after almost 2 years, Learn to Sail! with Multimedia! was completed.

On the CD, as well as the apps and online course, you will find many modules such as Parts of a Boat, Boat Handling, Weather, Rules of the Road and Knot Tying. Each one of these modules has its own table of contents covering all aspects of each topic. All is taught using narration, animation and digital video clips. The video clips are from SAIL Magazine!  

The CD also has 2 glossaries: one of Sailing Terms and one of Nautical Words. I also put in Interactive Quizzes and a direct connection to our sailing website which features regularly updated sailing tips and links.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or experienced sailor, you can learn or review Wind Theory, the Points of Sail, predicting the Weather, tying Nautical Knots and much more.

Written by qualified teachers, the program runs over 500 megabytes, fully utilizing the CD media. The apps run a total 4 hours or so, the online course around 6 hours.

You can study at home or from anywhere at your own pace!

Thank you for visiting our site and Happy Sailing! _/)_ Linda Cullum, author