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Our first application for sailing was released in 1997 on a CD-ROM for Windows called "Learn to Sail! with Multimedia!".   It took 2 years to design and publish.  Since then we’ve sold over 40,000 units to people all over the world.   Our CD is still available in it's original CD format and has been updated many times.

The concept of a sailing training program on CD came into play when the CEO of this company,  Linda Cullum,  decided to pick up sailing again.  Following the book and video regime of the past, it occurred to her how great it would be to have something more interactive and how the PC could be the tool to do this.  The idea was put into action and 18 months later "Learn to Sail! with Multimedia!" was released. 

We have exhibited at all major sailboat trade shows in the US for many years.

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Press Release Releases Sailing Instruction Apps for Android on Google Play

West Dennis MA,  2016 has released introductory to intermediate sailing lesson apps for Android.  A total of 16 sailing lessons that start with Parts of a Sailboat and cover all aspects including Wind Theory, Points of Sail, Knots, Capsizing, Overboard Rescue and many more.  

Included with each app lesson is a Sailing Terms Glossary for each topic and graphic illustrations for reference. The illustrations can be shared with a friend or emailed to one's desktop and printed out for reference. For all paid apps, a credit of the purchase price will be applied towards purchase of the upcoming Learn to Sail Vol I or Vol II Apps.

"It is exciting that mobile technology has advanced the way it has," states Linda Cullum, CEO of Apps4Sailing. "I could see the value of being able to learn to sail while on the go in a new and fun way. These first lessons are aimed to be a preliminary course and will educate newbies on foreign sailing topics and terms in advance so that they can get the most out of their sailing education investment. This method of receiving information also provides the opportunity for reviewing technique just before heading out or while on the water."

Taught by a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and Instructor of American Sailing Association Classes, the lessons are arranged in the order of a typical sailing course. The apps were created using parent company Little Pines Multimedia's popular "Learn to Sail with Multimedia VOL I and II" CDROM, LearntoSail.Net.

The Apps are available on Google Play, Amazon and their website.

The lessons are also run on Apple iPad and iPhone format as individual movie files. These are available at

They also can be downloaded and played on PC or Mac.

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