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Ebook The Mayflower Pilgrims "In Their Own Words" Their Original Writings, Journals and Letters

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Have you ever wondered about the true history of the Pilgrims?
Why do we have a national holiday in honor of them?
Why did they leave England?
Did you know they left for Holland to live before boarding the Mayflower later?
Was there a Plimoth Rock?
Where did the English speaking Indian come from who saved their lives?
What did they eat for the first feast?

Why not find out from the very writings of the Pilgrims themselves!

Feast your eyes on the material of this EBook and let the incredible story of Plymouth Colony's Pilgrims unfold. Originally written in Olde English, these writings have been edited by a Mayflower descendant who is a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and has edited and published several books on Pilgrim and Mayflower history.

A History Buff's dream!

Included in this Ebook are:

Mourt's Relation: A JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE Plantation settled at Plymouth in NEW ENGLAND

"Wednesday the sixth of September, the wind coming east north east, a fine small gale, we loosed from Plymouth, having been kindly entertained and courteously used by divers friends there dwelling, and after many difficulties in boisterous storms, at length by Gods providence upon the ninth of November following, by break of the day we espied land which we deemed to be Cape Cod....

Good Newes From New England By Edward Winslow, published in London, 1624. Chronicles the events that occurred in Plymouth from November 1621 -1623

"Good Reader, When I first penned this discourse, I intended it chiefly for the satisfaction of my private friends; but since that time have been persuaded to publish the same. ~And the rather, because of a disorderly colony that are dispersed....

William Bradford's Journal Excerpts of their departure into Holland and their troubles there about, with some of the many difficulties they found and met withal.

Ano. 1608.

"Being thus constrained to leave their native soil and country, their lands and livings, and all their friends and familiar acquaintances, it was much, and thought marvelous by many. But to go into a country they knew not (but by hearsay), where they must learn a new language...."

John Pory Letter John Pory's Lost Description of Plymouth Colony; Written in 1622 of the thriving Plymouth.

"By whom this new Plymouth (situated according to Captain Jones his computation in 41 degrees and 48 minutes) is now presently inhabited, your Lordship and the honorable Company do know better then my self; for whom how favorable Gods providence, without and indeed quite besides any plot or design of theirs hath wrought, especially in the beginning of their enterprise, is worthy to be observed..."

Beginning of Plymouth and the Wessagussett Colonies Deposition of Phineas Pratt

"In the time of spiritual darkness, when the State Ecclesiastical Room ruled and overruled most of the nations of Europe, it plea[sed God] to give wisdom to many, kings and people, in breaking the spiritual..."

Isaack de Rosieres' Letter Letter written about 1628 by Dutchman, Isaack de Rasieres

"New Plymouth lies in a large bay to the north of Cape Cod, or Malabar, east and west from the said point of the cape, which can be easily seen in clear weather. Directly before the commenced town lies a sand-bank, about twenty paces broad, whereon the sea breaks violently with an easterly and east-northeasterly wind..."

Hypocrisie Unmasked By A true Relation of the Proceedings of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts against Samuel Gorton (and his Accomplices) a notorious disturber of the Peace and quiet of the several Governments wherein he lived: With the grounds and reasons thereof, examined and allowed by their General Court holden at Boston in New-
England in November last, 1646.


The Mayflower Passenger List

The Mayflower Passenger Statistics

The Mayflower Passengers' Age Breakdown

The Mayflowe Compact

This Thanksgiving, sit around with family members and tell the true story of these courageous Pilgrims!