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Interactive Sailing Simulator for Windows PC

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Sail The High Seas From Your Desktop PC

No matter what Mother Nature is serving up outside, it's always a perfect day for sailing inside with Interactive Sailing(tm) from Expert Software.  From the seasoned sailor to the nautical novice, this one-of-a-kind interactive software title brings all the fun and challenge of sailing the high seas to the comfort of your home PC.

Begin your virtual regatta by exploring over 40 video clips from the J World Performance Sailing School. These instructional videos detail information from the various types of sails to rounding buoys in a race. Learn when to use a spinnaker as opposed to a jib, what is the role of the helmsman, how to start in heavy winds and much more. The extensive video library will not only teach you the basics of sailing, but also allows you to review lessons quickly and easily.

Once you've mastered the basics of sailing, it's time to move out of the classroom and into the captain's chair. Choose from several standard race courses to challenge your sailing prowess. Monitor your opponent's position and plot your course using a nautical map. Make sure you keep your eye on wind speed and direction with the easy-to-read gauges.

Determine course length and other conditions which might alter the outcome of your race. Customize factors such as wind speed, direction and variation. Control sail selection and trim with the click of a mouse. Interactive Sailing even allows you to captain your vessel from inside the cockpit or from anywhere outside of the boat with a 360 degree panoramic viewing option. These and other options will allow you to have as much or as little control of your 34 foot J/105 sailboat during practice runs or races.

Please note: This program does not run on 64 bit systems.

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