Learn To Tie Knots App For Android, Samsung, Kindle Fire

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Bowline knot Knots - A Sailor's Art.

Experienced Sailors say that knowing your knots is the most important aspect of Sailing!

Grab a piece of line and with Narration and Digital Video, learn how to tie the most popular Sailing Knots. You will learn to tie the Bowline, Figure Eight, Reef Knot, Square Knot, Clove Hitch, Cleat Hitch and Roundturn. Also covered are Parts of a Knot, Types and maintenance of Line. What the knots are used for and how they work.

Taught by a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain and instructor of American Sailing Association (ASA) sailing classes.

45 minutes of instruction. loaded with graphics, video and information.

Included with the lesson is a Sailing Terms Glossary for this topic and graphic illustrations for reference. The illustrations can be shared or emailed to one's desktop and printed out for reference.

This is a suggested prerequisite for Learn to Sail Vol I Apps Package